I was always active, worked full time, raised my children. I had a full but busy life. Fast forward to my 40's. Suddenly a divorced Mother of 2 and working full time. Life throws some curve balls. But I managed to dodge some of those curve balls. Some I couldn't. Health concerns showed up. Not serious but could have been. I quit smoking and was feeling better, started working out but all of a sudden the weight started creeping up. I couldn't figure out why. And then my Doctor informed me I was in menopause. Great!!

I decided to take working out and getting healthy very seriously and joined a gym and started working with a friend of mine who was willing to train me and put me on the correct path to training and competing.

Fast forward a few more years. My new husband and I took a trip to Jamaica. The trip was amazing! But I was horrified when I put on my bathing suit. Where had those 30 extra pounds come from? I vowed when we got home from our trip that I was joining a gym again and I was going to lose those extra pounds.

I joined a gym, found a trainer, took the 90 day challenge, lost those 30 lbs. and walked across that stage like I owned it!

I had the most incredible journey of my life! I started competing, won some medals, and found this so fulfilling. I wanted to become a coach and be able to give back what was so freely given to me. Completed my Certified Personal Training and am enjoying coaching and helping people to become the best version of themselves through working out and healthy lifestyle changes.


Beach Kettlebell

Yes, this is me! When I joined this class I had no idea what to expect. This was not easy! This was hard. But it was the best way to get in shape. This was the start of my journey to wellness. The calories burned during this class was epic to say the least!


My Kettlebell Journey

Yes, me again. These range in various sizes. At first I was able to only use 1 10 lb. kettlebell. But I soon graduated to 15 lbs. I was getting stronger with each class. Soon I was able to manage using 2 kettlebells of 15 lbs. each.

This is a total body workout. So even after the 45 minute class is over, the calories keep burning off for hours later. Some can burn up to 1800 calories that day.

Ever wondered how to get that mom bum gone?

Watch this video!

Or, you don't have a booty and just want one?

Well this is definitely one exercise that will give you that bootay pump and help get you nicely defined and give you a nice well shaped peach!

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