About Yoga

Yoga means to unite. When we think about yoga, we think about the union of the breath, the body and the mind. Often people dismiss yoga because they think it’s a glorified way to stretch but even taking a beginner class can prove to be very challenging. You may start a yoga program for better flexibility or because of your doctor‘s recommendation but soon you learn that there is much more to the practice.

What can yoga do for me?

  • Yoga improves balance, sleep patterns, lung function, aerobic capacity and relaxation.
  • Yoga enhances your posture, coordination and mental focus.
  • Yoga can reduce injuries, stress and symptoms of many chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and thyroid disorders.
  • Yoga increases blood circulation, flexibility,muscle tone and strength

Yoga in the Workplace – Corporate Yoga

Business’s around the world are embracing yoga in the workplace: knowing that the key to a successful company is happy and healthy people. Yoga is a preventative health measure and proven stress reliever. It is a great low cost perk for your employees and a great benefit to your business. Please contact us for a customized plan for your employees.

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